Monday, June 18, 2007

Learn How To Teach Your Child Rhythm and Rhyme

Rhythm and Rhyme Can Help Your Child Learn To Read

Do you want to learn how making music with your child can increase school and life success?

Would you like to improve your child’s brain function, cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional competence through music? Do you want to find out how rhyme can help your child learn to read?

Experts agree that music can strengthen children’s minds and serve as a fundamental skill of learning. As parents we all know that our children enjoy music and most of us have heard of the positive effects of music. If nothing else we have a vague awareness of the Mozart effect. We know that music is beneficial but we don’t always know why.

In recent years there has been a large body of research to support a number of positive effects that music enjoyment and training can have on a young child’s brain function and ability to learn.
The benefits of music include:

* Extending the neural networks in the brain
* Sound discrimination which leads to spelling success
* Increased vocabulary
* Abstract and spatial reasoning which leads to math success
* Improved coordination
* Better concentration skills
* Sharper memory
* More focused listening skills

Both scientists and educators are realizing that early, positive musical experience is uniquely effective in helping children achieve their full potential intellectually, artistically and emotionally.Simply using music on a regular basis with your child, including singing, listening to music, and playing instruments, can reap tremendous benefits. It is important to note that simply listening to music is not enough. Making music is more powerful for children than just listening. It is important for you to provide your child with a solid early childhood education experience that you won’t have to trust to chance but it is even more important to foster a love of learning!

Remember, today’s preschoolers and kindergarteners are expected to know far more than their parents (that’s US!) were at that same age. Start your child out right.While success in the early grades does not guarantee success throughout the school years and beyond, failure in the early grades does virtually guarantee failure in later schooling. Don’t let your child fail and don’t fail your child!

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